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Beautiful botanical luxury print

A 'luxury print' is really the best and most honest way we could describe the incredible fine art print our PATRONS & Subscribers received with the Winter 2022/23 edition of photoED magazine!

Here's why we are in LOVE with this piece...


The art.


(Need we say more?! ...well, ok!)

Toronto based artist, Ryan Van Der Hout’s work has been widely featured in a range of international publications and exhibitions, most notably in the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Collectors Series, as part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.

In this exclusive piece, from his 'Collecting Dust' series he re-imagines traditional still life vanitas while considering our fascination with mortality. His compositions explore personal and universal transformations, along with the anxiety and grief that emerged from the pandemic.

Taking on the illusion of artifacts documented within a world of decay, the table is adorned with canonical symbols as if belonging to Dutch vanitas paintings of the Baroque period. The artist covers these meticulously arranged tableaux with dust and ash.

Closer inspection reveals that the still life objects, while alluding to a post-apocalyptic present, actually belong to a world outside of time.

While it may appear that his lens looks back at a world gone by, it is indeed an act of looking forward.

Ryan kindly took the time to provide our PATRONS with signed copies of this exclusive limited edition print!


Perfect presentation

This exclusive limited edition print that captures the black dust details this image needs has been expertly printed by the team at Akasha Art Projects using HDX Ink for fade-resistant ink for up to 400 years.

The team at AKASHA ART PROJECTS takes presentation seriously. With meticulous attention to detail, and an expert eye for designing the perfect presentation - this team goes above and beyond. Akasha is custom printing and framing for anyone serious about lookn' sharp.


Optimal paper

“Vanitas with Tulips, Pear and Skull” has been printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Baryta, a pure cotton, acid- and lignin-free paper with an inkjet coating optimised for the needs of fine art applications. White, without optical brighteners this paper is museum quality. White gloves recommended.


Packaging perfection

This print has been packaged in an archive-safe, acid-and lignin-free flap seal Crystal Clear Bag made with 10% recycled content.

This special project is made possible with the support of United Contemporary.

United Contemporary proudly represents Ryan Van Der Hout’s diverse artistic practice.


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