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Canadas photography magazine.

From emerging artists to established photographers, we share photography stories in a brand new light.

since 2001.

With origins in Canadian classrooms well before the dawn of virtual learning, photoED magazine started as a grassroots resource publication to feature local content, by and for Canadian educators.

An inspiration for the past 22+ years to professionals, students, educators, and enthusiasts alike, photoED is now the leading creative content publisher in the photography space in Canada spanning print, digital, and social media. 

Meet The Team

We publish

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Print publishing is a rare privilege that offers artists a legacy document of their work and story. We love how it feels to hold beautiful images in your hands, and we want to share this experience with everyone. We are the only Canadian photography publication on newsstands nationally. 

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Image by Christian Mackie

photoED magazine is supported by our readers, subscribers, PATREON PATRONS, and select advertisers and community partners with a lens towards celebrating and supporting Canadian photography. 

Additionally, we occasionally receive funding from public grant programs for special projects we produce, and some support from the Ontario Arts Council helps us with our editorial contributor payments. 

Printing Machine

We PUBLISH - in print and online:


Fine art or commercial ORIGINAL creative works

Diverse interpretations on our themes that challenge us to see things in a new way

Existing projects/ works only. We do not commission new works at this time.

Submissions are open to students, emerging photographers, as well as established pro's

- ALL are welcome!


Every photograph published by photoED is credited to its owner.

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