BEAUTIFUL B&W WINTER 2020/21 –  Issue #60

This issue features:


  • Rosalie Favell - Facing the Camera

  • Photography as a Gift By Ruth Bergen Braun

  • Matt Williams’ Two Rivers

  • Kamelia Pezeshki - Attention to detail

  • Francis A. Willey’s “Blindness” By Kerry Manders

  • Jessica Deeks  GIRLS+  ROCK OTTAWA

  • Christine Fitzgerald - A fierce and ordinary reality By Brandy Ryan

  • Karolina Kuras - Romance, flight, & fluidity By Mark Walton

  • Ally Gonzalo  BAKLA! By Michelle Joseph

  • Kate Roy - Affinity





Cover by Karolina Kuras

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A little sample of what we've done in the past....


  • Fall 2020- Fresh PORTRAITURE


    • #PORCHtraits: Images from isolation    

    • Liam Mackenzie - Beautiful, messy, wild, and dynamic

    • Lyle XOX: About Face

    • Q&A: XVXY Photo

    • Yucho Chow: Chinatown Through a Wide Lens

    • FRESH FACES:  The future of Canadian Portraiture


     Cover  by Liam Mackenzie

  • Spring/Summer 2020- Mental Health


    • Kat Fulwider: Ottawa homeless youth + cyanotypes

    • Representing Ideas: New Brunswick College of Craft and Design students explore mental health, by Karen Ruet

    • THE ONE PROJECT  The power of photography to change the conversation, by Bryce Evans

    • SHIRA GOLD: Finding her breath, by Peppa Martin

    • Rick Miller’s Homecoming, by Kerry Manders

    • Sara Harley: Stroke of emotions

    • Megan Conley: Vulnerable Expressions, by Ali Penko


     Cover  by Shira Gold

  • Winter 2019- Canadian Risk-Takers


    • Haley Eyre: New and bonkers, by Ali Penko

    • Windfields Middle School students Experiential Learning Project, by Briar Chaput

    • Shannon Fitzgerald: A little bit weird, by Joshua Cameron

    • Nicholas Aiden: Introductions

    • Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart:  Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman, by Peppa Martin

    • Martine Marie-Anne Chartrand: Drôle de ménagerie

    • Joseph R. Adam: BURN

    • Laurence Philomène: In Living Colour, by David Fulde

    • Justin Atkins + Steven Restagno: Mirage

    • Theodora Mitrakos:  Mythos

     Cover  self-portrait  by Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart

  • Fall 2019- Documentary Photography


    • Christine Love Hewitt’s Wanderlust

    • Representing with Dignity. A panel discussion moderated, by Laurence Butet-Roch

    • Morgan Sears-Williams' Queer Love and Care

    • Ears, Eyes, Voice: Black Canadian Photo journalists 1970s–1990s, by Dr. Julie Crooks

    • Chris Donovan: Complicated Maritime Clouds

    • Paul Seesequasis’ Indigenous Archival Photo Project

    • Patti Gower: From the front lines to leading the next generation

    • JAYU- Photography + community good, by Joshua Cameron

     Cover by Chris Donovan

  • Spring/ Summer 2019-Analog Photography


    • 5 things to look for in a used camera

    • Stephen Brookbank’s - The making of a place

    • Burke Paterson’s - Objects + Ritual Photograms

    • A.T. Kingsmith’s Berlin: A fractal city

    • How-To: Double exposures - Twice as nice!

    • Sara Fleiszig: SOAKED in bodily fluids

    • Sally Ayre, Cyanotypes

    • Kali Spitzer: A Portrait of Resilience

    • SEITIES: A platform for analog photography

     Our cover features a Tintype by Kali Spitzer

  • Winter 2018 - Studio Work


    • In Studio How-To: One light, Three ways, with Margaret Mulligan

    • Vicky Lam: Eye Candy, by Briar Chaput

    • Imagining Exoplanets. Adam Makarenko’s Toronto workshop, by Alexander Tesar

    •  David J. Fulde, shooting with flair, by Joshua Cameron

    •  In studio with Torrie Groening, by Peppa Martin

    •  Grand Masters of Flash. Jens Kristian Balle, Larissa Issler, and Nik Mirus.

    •  New Kids on the Block.  Emerging talents, hangin’ tough. Five recent photo school grads tell us about the transition from school to the real world.

     Cover image of Mango Sassi, by David J Fulde

  • Fall 2018-

    Canadians Abroad


    • Marie Louise Moutafchieva/ Renaissance light & culinary delights by Nicola Irvin

    • Travel Tips. Travel advice you may not expect...

    • Thomas Brasch - Out of the Darkness

    •  Nathalie Doust’s  Korean Dreams, by Samatha Small           

    • Anton Mwewa: Curious + Candid, by Joshua Cameron           

    •  Meaghan Ogilvie’s  Underwater worlds, by Briar Chaput

    •  Samra Habib ‘JUST ME AND ALLAH,’ by Joshua Cameron

    • Jo-Anne McArthur -  Animal Advocate

    • INTAC - A Global Collaboration of Universities by Peter Sramek

    • Samuel Bolduc: From Matane to London 

     Cover by Anton Mwewa

  • Spring/Summer 2018 - Manipulation


    • The TIME-TRAVELLING HIPSTER by Joshua Cameron

    •  Jessica Thalmann: Destroy and reinvent by Cece Scott

    • Meet Forensic Video Analyst - Michael Plaxton

    • Goodbye Photography, hello Computers by Dolores Gubasta/KlixPix

    •  Timothy Starchuk’s Data – Based Art

    • Natalia Osmolovskaya: A City Dweller’s Magic

    • Two Canadian STOCK photo companies making waves online by Nicola Irvin

    • (POSSIBLY) The last roll of colour Infrared film in CANADA by Bob St. Cyr

    • HOW-TO: Edit in Adobe Lightroom 


     Cover by Natalia Osmolovskaya

  • Winter 2017-Landscapes: Real & Imagined


    • ISABELLE HAYEUR ’s  - Disorientation

    • Desirée Patterson’s - Enraciné  by Peppa Martin

    • HOW-TO: Make frozen bubbles by Chris Ratzlaff

    • DANI LEFRANÇOIS - Landscape photography in Banff

    • Alex McLeod: Endless Connectivity by Briar Deacon

    • Pat Kane: The Land Up North

    • HOW-TO: Tips for Winter Photography 

    • Adisa Sadaf Rawi: New Worlds

     Cover by Desirée Patterson

  • FALL 2017

    Canadian Collaborations

    PhotoED Fall 2017


    • The women of TEA & BANNOCK 

    • LM CHABOT “One does not go without the other” by Briar Deacon

    • Photo Collectives: Toronto V. Fredericton 

    • HOW-TO: BUILD CONFIDENCE PHOTOGRAPHING PEOPLE by Lauren Lim                 

    • Nadya Kwandibens’ Concrete Indians

    Cover by LM Chabot

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