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Botanicals - Winter 2022/23 – #66

Our latest release was curated by PEPPA MARTIN.


Peppa is a Vancouver-based gallerist, and the founder of, a virtual photography salon.


She comments,

"The contemporary artists selected to appear in this issue have all presented unique perspectives and a mastery of lens-based image making.


My vision for this special edition was to showcase the selected works as we might experience them in an art gallery. Slowly, with contemplation, and with room to breathe.”


This edition features a cover image by Anna Church, an augmented reality experience for readers by collage artist Erin McGean, in addition to showcasing work by over 25 artists from across Canada.

This issue features:

  • Ryan Van Der Hout’s incredible photographic work from the Collecting Dust series, accompanied by a unique conversation between writers Kerry Manders and brandy ryan, who discuss the multitude of layers that this work presents to viewers. 


  • Danny Custodio

  • Jennifer Long

  • T.M. Glass

  • Julya Hajnoczky

  • Sally Ayre

  • Ali Penko


Anna Church cover

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Anna Church cover

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A little sample of what we've done in the past....


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