The CREATIVE RISK-TAKERS issue features:

  • Resources WE LOVE
  • Haley Eyre: New and bonkers By Allison Penko
  • Beyond the Surface - Windfields Middle School students Experiential Learning Project By Briar Chaput
  • Shannon Fitzgerald: A little bit weird By Joshua Cameron
  • Nicholas Aiden: Introductions
  • Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart:  Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman
    By Peppa Martin
  • Martine Marie-Anne Chartrand: Drôle de ménagerie
  • Joseph R. Adam: BURN
  • Laurence Philomène: In Living Colour By David Fulde
  • Justin Atkins + Steven Restagno: Mirage
  • Theodora Mitrakos:  Mythos


& The READERS GALLERY, Submissions by our readers


Cover by Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart

Winter 2019/20: Creative Risk-Takers #57