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The PhotoED

GUIDE to photography


Third Edition


The PhotoED GUIDE to Photography is a 128-page magazine-format learning and teaching resource. The GUIDE provides a quick start to basic tools & techniques, and ideas for new explorations. The GUIDE includes a short history of photography and early photography in Canada.


Get one today and start exploring!




NOTE to Educators:

Special volume pricing on the GUIDE for as little as $10./ copy.

Contact Felix ( for details. 









Answers to IMAGE QUIZ:

A - 3

B - 2

C - 6

D - 5

E - 1

F - 4

G - 7



1. incorrect white balance

2. Rule of Thirds

3. f/2, f/2.8

4. f/2.8

5. 1/125, 1/250, or faster

6. Overexposed

7. Rembrandt

8. Wide angle

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