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WINTER 2023/24: LAND
  • WINTER 2023/24: LAND


    This issue focuses on photographers who share their stories and relationships with LAND.

    From demonstrating the abuse we inflict on our Earth, to celebrating and expressing beauty and gratitude for the land we live on, the artists in this edition collectively present a range of observations, possibilities, and questions about the future on our planet.

    - Scarborough Made: Reclaiming community space, by Sid Naidu        
    - This summer we travelled,  A poem by Tenille Campbell
    - ELLA MORTON: Northern Curiosity, by Corinna vanGerwen        
    - STEVE KEAN: Moving Landscapes, by Bart Gazzola
    - ALAN BULLEY: re:Placed
    PORTFOLIO  Featuring: Janet Hinkle, Arlin Ffrench, Vera Saltzman, Joanne White, Julie Florio, TJ Watt, Edward Peck, Jeff Adams, Rachel Foster, Richard Miller & Geneviéve Thibault, Richard Robesco, and Richelle Forsey

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