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Winter 2022/2023: Botanicals
  • Winter 2022/2023: Botanicals


    The Botanical issue features:

    • Collecting Dust Ryan Van Der Hout, A conversation between Kerry Manders + brandy ryan 

    • Solar-Powered: Phyllis Schwartz’s Lumen Prints

    • Plants and Photography: Converging Passions By Ali Penko


    + Work by:

    • Carolyn Cheng, Danny Custodio, Erin McGean, Jennifer Long, Joe Atikian,T.M. Glass, Walter Raemisch, Jerome Clark, Orysa Stein, Ashley Senja, Julya Hajnoczky, Sally Ayre, Anna Church, Cherry Archer, Akemi Matsubuchi, Deedee Morris, Alex Neumann...

         + MORE! 

    This issue was curated by Peppa Martin, a Vancouver-based gallerist, curator, art consultant, photographer, and independent writer on art and culture. She is the founder of, a virtual salon.



    ONLY our PATREON PATRONS -  recieve a copy of the Ryan Van Der Hout, limited edition print with their purchase. This special feature does not apply to single copy sales.

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