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Winter 2020: Beautiful B&W #60
  • Winter 2020: Beautiful B&W #60


    The B&W issue celebrates 20 YEARS in PRINT!


    This issue SOLD OUT in print, BUT.... A digital replica is availible, HERE.



    Rosalie Favell - Facing the Camera
    Photography as a Gift By Ruth Bergen Braun
    Matt Williams’ Two Rivers
    Kamelia Pezeshki - Attention to detail
    Francis A. Willey’s “Blindness” By Kerry Manders
    Jessica Deeks  GIRLS+  ROCK OTTAWA
    Christine Fitzgerald - A fierce and ordinary reality, By Brandy Ryan
    Karolina Kuras - Romance, flight, & fluidity, By Mark Walton
    Ally Gonzalo  BAKLA! By Michelle Joseph
    Kate Roy - Affinity




    Cover by Karolina Kuras

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