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Spring/ Summer 2023: FOOD
  • Spring/ Summer 2023: FOOD


    The FOOD issue focuses on photographers who share their experiences and experiments with food: food as a necessity, a luxury, an object, a statement, a cultural connector, and so much more.

    • Resources We Love By Alan Bulley
    • Scarborough Made: Community connections + culinary culture  By Sid Naidu
    • A meditation on the perishable: S. Maria Brandt’s  Installation 50%, By Bart Gazzola
    • Food Chain: A conversation through photographs about food
    • Apples to iPhones? By Ali Penko
    • PORTFOLIO  Featuring Marie-Louise Moutafchieva,  Kate Ince, Carl Rittenhouse, Jennifer Chin, Anthony Carr, Gladys Lou, and Peggy Taylor Reid
    • SVAVA TERGESEN: Shifting the perception of fod photography
    • Ian Kapitan’s Black Sheep Supper Club By Corinna vanGerwen
    • GAB BOIS:  Playing with her food By Sun Woo Baik
    + MORE!

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