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Fall 2023: WATER
  • Fall 2023: WATER


    This issue focuses on photographers who share their stories and relationships with WATER. We look to water for mental health and healing, creative fuel, and to anchor our communities. We also share the work of Canadian photographers who clearly illustrate a need for change as we utilize water as a place to dump our waste, and observe marine life struggling to adapt to what we have decided for them.


    • Resources We Love By Alan Bulley
    • Scarborough Made: Making Waves By Sid Naidu
    • Amy Romer: The Last Salmon Run
    • Chris Myhr: Ab-solutes + Vessels
    • Ruth Kaplan: The Bathers by Bart Gazzola
    • PORTFOLIO Featuring: Tobi Asmoucha,Gustavo Jabbaz, Richard Miller, Steve Simon,Amy Friend, Carol How, Carey Shaw, Shelley Wildeman,Catherine Page, and Lori Ryerson.
    • Benjamin Von Wong: Big Brands, Complex Systems of Global Production, & A.I.
    • Osheen Harruthoonyan: Floating By Corinna vanGerwen
    • Ocean Wise Team - Pacific Northwest Whale Watchers

    + MORE!

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