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Photographic Excellence at TOAF

Photography highlights at TOAF63

The Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF) is back at Nathan Phillips Square from July 12th to 14th offering a weekend of art and fun. The event has been a beloved summer tradition for 63 years and continues to grow and diversify—including artists from all around the country and online participating. 

This year, the Fair will feature close to 300 independent artists providing visitors with a dynamic showcase to explore including painting, craft & design, 3D works, and photography. Additionally, 62 more artists have been selected to exclusively show their work online at

TOAF features a range of talented, award-winning photographers that push the boundaries of the medium. photoED excited to participate in this year’s Art Fair with a selection of our friends from other art magazines in Canada! (Find us at Booth 276-277)

To celebrate photoED magazine's partnership with TOAF, here are a few photographers who will be at the fair that we have our eye on as potential TOAF63 photography award winners!

Margaret Gdyczynski

Margaret's passion for photographing architecture began with the interiors of Florence's basilicas. She now explores historical and modern structures, focusing on layering light's transient nature in familiar spaces.

Laura Kay Keeling 

Laura is a self-taught visual artist based in Hamilton, whose practice explores connections with the natural world. Using archival investigations, they incorporate elements from plants and flowers they have grown or foraged, scanning, photographing, and pressing them to create a digital catalog. Their archive includes over 150 natural elements, capturing the ephemeral beauty of nature and examining our relationship with it.

Eric Chabot

Eric presents a Montreal urban landscape series where structures, water, and light, dance offering subtle beauty to the casual passerby. By shifting the perspective towards close-ups and detailed investigations, he creates abstractions out of everyday life. 

Ana Kapodistria

Ana is a Greek-Canadian visual artist who holds an M.F.A. from the University of Edinburgh. She explores the limitations and nature of the human condition; revering the relationship to both natural and constructed realities. States of connection and transformation are celebrated and explored.

Maureen O’Connor 

Maureen is a Toronto-based fine art photographer who collaborates with local sanctuaries to photograph rescued and non-releasable animals in abandoned Toronto homes. Her work explores the intersection of nature and urban environments, highlighting the beauty and fragility of both.

Carolyn Cheng

Carolyn is an award winning Toronto-based photographer. Her series "Meltwater" illustrates the impact of climate change on Alaskan glaciers. Using color solarization, she transforms natural glacier scenes into vivid, surreal images, highlighting the potential dystopian future. The series invites reflection on rising ocean levels and global weather disruptions.

Nika Belianina

Nika is a Toronto-based award-winning writer, director, camerawoman, and photographer, who has exhibited her work in over 25 venues across Belgium, Canada, Peru, and the USA. Her work explores themes of escapism and longing. Her poetic photographs, inspired by nature, blend magical realism and movement, evoking unique emotions. Nika's work captures feminine sensibilities in avant-garde settings, always driven by a sense of wonder and a quest for new forms of self-expression.

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