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Photos by Andrew Rees (@andrew_rees_photography)

Ok, let’s do some math: take eight photographers, multiply them by 36 exposures each, add one model and a rack of costume options in a beautiful house near Mont-Tremblant, then divide by just 30 minutes per photographer to make one outstanding image to be judged by a panel of seven.

What do you get?

A lot of fun and learning, all while raising money for a worthy cause.

Photo by Andrew Rees (@andrew_rees_photography)

Organized by Toronto photographer Michelle Quance, the Thirty6Xposures project

encourages friendly competition and channels support for research on Rett Syndrome,

a genetic neurological disorder that is more common in females and has a broad set of

impacts on movement, speech and breathing.

Those of us who weren’t in on the adventure can follow along thanks to a good- humoured movie that documents the process each photographer went through to make images and select the best one for printing. The film was directed and narrated by Quance, with excellent technical work from Rachel Bower (Cinematographer) and Shawna Eberle (Editor, and one of thie challenge participants).

The Thirty6Xposures name hints at one of the challenges participants face: being limited to 36 frames, just like in the old days when shooting a roll of 35mm film was not an esthetic choice. Some of the other challenges include the time constraint, having to photograph indoors at a given time of day, and working with a live model when most participants are not used to giving direction in a fashion session. A tough assignment!

Experienced photographers will sympathize—and often laugh along with—their onscreen counterparts and imagine how they might have done it differently. For less experienced viewers, the movie is punctuated with brief but helpful explanations of some of the tech-speak that peppers the dialogue.

Clips of the film are being released on YouTube and anyone who wants to stay up to date with where the project is heading next can follow @Thirty6Xposures on Instagram.

Additionally, an exhibition of personal work from the eight photographers featured in the 36 Xposures Photography Challenge takes place as part of the CONTACT Festival of Photography until June 28, 2024.

Styles range from fine art, wildlife, celebrity, portrait, street and live music photography. Each photographer has chosen one image from their personal portfolio to be featured.

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