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  • Alan Bulley

Pressing Business: RMB

RMB / Rocky Mountain Books

Fine art photo book lover Alan Bulley gets the scoop from photo book publishers across Canada in our new series of interviews with book publishers, starting with

Don Gorman of Rocky Mountain Books.

Publisher: Don Gorman


How do you choose what projects you publish? How far in advance do you work?

Like all publishers, I try to choose projects that I believe RMB can support and produce in the best ways possible, along with ensuring that we have the infrastructure to sell and promote the book and author successfully. Most of the time things work out very well! There are always challenges that may negatively impact any given project, but these are almost never "life or death" scenarios.

At this time, I'm trying to work on projections at least one year in advance of publication, but more often than not it's looking like 1-1/2 to 2 or more years in advance is going to be the new normal.