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  • Alan Bulley


Alan Bulley gets the scoop from publishers across Canada in our new series of interviews with publishers, including Maxine Proctor, BLACKFLASH Managing Editor...


About BlackFlash...

BlackFlash is a non-profit charitable organization and publishing platform dedicated to contemporary visual art. Since 1983, BlackFlash has been providing invaluable opportunities for artists, writers, and arts workers. As a space for exploration and critical examination, BlackFlash aims to bring the public closer to their local and national art communities.

BlackFlash was founded by the Saskatoon artist-run centre, The Photographer’s Gallery (TPG) as a means to bring greater visibility and knowledge to the Prairie art community. BlackFlash is currently in their 39th year of publishing, making them one of Canada’s longest running magazines. BlackFlash is proudly published, designed, and disseminated in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and is an internationally recognized resource and authority on Canadian and international contemporary art.

How do you choose what projects you publish? How far in advance do you work?

Buffalo Berry Press publishes three issues of BlackFlash per year. Due to our production schedule, we commission articles 4–6 months in advance of publication.

Although I guide the magazine’s content from commission to publication, I rely heavily on our Editorial Committee to decide what we commission. The committee is composed of artists and culture workers who are versed in different aspects of Canadian contemporary art. They each bring unique networks and perspectives to the table, which ensures that we have a dynamic roster of projects in each issue.