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BIPOC Think Tank

PhotoED Magazine's 2022 season featured a collaboration we were extra excited to facilitate...

With the help of our friends at THINK TANK PHOTO, we produced three very special feature stories around the mentor / mentee pairs that connected through a local BIPOC Photo Mentorship project.

The BIPOC Photo Mentorship Program (BPM) began in Toronto in 2020 as a way to address systematic barriers that face Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour entering into professional photographic practice.

There is significant lack of diversity in all areas the creative industry but, mentorship can help to fast track inclusion, and offer crucial support to emerging photographers.

Mentors in the BPM program offer what they can, and mentees comb through a master list to find a fit that is right for them. Since the program began, mentors and mentees from all parts of the industry have connected with with mentees from Canada, the U.S, and all over the world.

Here are some of the BTS details on the incredible products our featured mentorship program participants received as part of this collaboration!

Our sold out! Spring/ Summer 2022 issue, FASHION X FUTURE featured a showcase of unique fashion images by self-taught photographer SUMI SIDDIQA where she shared her experience of being mentored by photographer MARK BINKS.

“Being a photographer can be an isolating experience, especially when you are starting out and trying to figure out your business, aesthetics, and the fashion world. It’s nice to have someone show you the ropes."