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Ontario students dive deep in a self portrait photo project

PhotoED Magazine receives a LOT of submissions of amazing photography from across Canada. We recently received a group submission that we just couldn't wait to share with our national audience. Brought to us by an amazing pro-active photo educator, Anna Wilson of Richmond Hill High School in Ontario, we felt that this outstanding set of images deserved some special recognition.


I am someone who wants to speak out against something that isn’t accepted in everyday society.

If you look closely at my image, the lock screen of the phone displays an audio book playing, which is titled “Ethics”.

This can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the viewer’s point of view.

I want this artwork to inspire others to have their own voice and to not be afraid of sticking up for what they think is right.



My image, “Fear of the World”, describes the fear a shy individual has to the outside world.

A door pushed to shut out the dangers of the outside world, while balloons represent the spirit of childhood, imagination and creativity, reflecting how much really goes on in a quiet person’s active mind.



I am made up of many different pieces of a complex puzzle. I am removing one piece of this puzzle, as there are some memories that I want to erase. Despite wanting to avoid these negative memories, if I remove the piece, I lose a part of myself. Similar to a puzzle, where when it is missing a piece it is not complete.



The first figure (left standing) represents my desire to pursue a career in photography since it’s something I really enjoy doing and I consider myself decent at. I'm facing backwards because I don’t know what path to take to pursue my dream.

The second figure (bottom right), represents my constant will to fly back to Italy because I miss my friends and family there. The third and fourth figures represent how I still feel out of place even though I’ve lived in Canada for more than a year. There’s something that doesn’t feel right even though everybody makes me feel welcome here and befriended me.



The main theme of this work is self destruction. There are shadows inside us. Someone may have a nice surface but his or her inside is dark. No one can tell other people may be suffering.



I am constantly overwhelmed by stress due to piles of homework and assignments thrown at me at school. Stress builds to the point where I feel like I am drowning with no escape. There is a crack in the glass which symbolizes my breaking point and my determination to overcome my stress. When I am able to break the glass, I can release all the water that is drowning me. As the water is released, my stress levels will decrease.



I have two sides, the bright side and dark side. One side stands straight with energy, with colors and brightness around me. The other side is when I am alone with gloomy darkness of negative moods, depression and anxiety. The hand, symbolizes the pressure and annoyances which I am suffering. These pressures are so big that the I am not able to escape when it is trying to catch me. The dark hand does not go to the positive side since no one can see I am suffering.

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