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  • by Nicola Irvin

Nicola Irvin: Equus

Horses and humans have a long history of working together. Horses have indisputably been integral to the development of modern society, and while their roles have changed over time, horses today remain indispensable to those humans known as "horse people".

Horse people have existed throughout time as those who exhibit a psychological need for horses. Horses have always shown an interest in humans, and horse people mirror that fascination. What develops between the horse/human pair is an equal partnership that differs from the master/pet dynamic of other human/animal relationships.

Shot from the eye of a horse person, “Equus” is an inside look at today's equestrian community.

I am exceptionally proud to be apart of a sport that does not discriminate between athletes based on gender. The women featured in the video portion of "Equus" represent a hard working, strong, and determined group of female athletes and is a celebration of their unique stories and relationships.

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