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Create: Dream Glow Portraits

Here's how:

1 . Starting with the original image.

With the Red channel only selected, from the menu click Select > All (⌘A) and then click on Edit > Copy (⌘C).

2 . Deselect (Select > Deselect (⌘D). In the Layers panel create a new layer

(Layer > New > Layer …). Paste into this new layer (⌘V). Change Blending mode to Luminosity and Opacity to about 25%.

3 . Apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur ..., pixel radius = 16.

4. Create a blank Layer mask. With soft brush of suitable size paint eyes, eyebrows, and lips to bring back original. (Using black as the brush colour will reveal the bottom layer.) From the Layers pull down menu select Flatten Image. Open Filter > Lens Correction … Select the Custom tab and apply a Vignette to darken the corners.

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