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The LAND issue has landed


The LAND issue of photoED magazine is out now!

“ The Earth is what we all have in common.”
— Wendell Berry

From clearly demonstrating the abuse we inflict on our Earth, to celebrating and expressing

beauty and gratitude for the land we live on, the artists in this edition collectively bring

forth an incredible range of observations, possibilities, and questions about the future

on our planet.

Ella Morton’s analog manipulations speak to her layered experiences of exploring cold

northern climates in our feature story by Corinna vanGerwen. Ella's photographs of Arctic lands simultaneously convey stoic beauty and unprecedented environmental changes, overlaid with physical (and metaphorical) human manipulations.

Meanwhile, in our feature story by Bart Gazzola, photographer Steve Kean shares his experiences with land, raising questions around the physical experiences we have in nature, or the absence of those experiences, when challenged with accessibility issues.

⁠Naming the “space” in a landscape photograph doesn’t just⁠ evoke a “place,” but creates a framework of meaning for viewers to interpret a location.⁠ Alan Bulley shares his RE: PLACED work with us. A reflection on how the names we give (or take from) places affect the way we 'read' them.⁠

This edition also features an exciting first: the commission of a poem. We are especially excited to share an original new work by photographer and writer Tenille Campbell, which was used as a prompt for creative responses from our Patreon community.

Check out the visual interpretations we received in response to her words starting on page 13, of the printed edition.

The crew at SCARBOROUGH MADE, lead by Sid Naidu shared their work, RECLAIMING

COMMUNITY SPACE. SM's numerous projects activating youth photographers in their local community is an inspiration for any community.

This edition also features, our Books + Resource recommendations by Alan Bulley for further land-based photography explorations, and our PORTFOLIO featured artists:

  • Janet Hinkle

  • Arlin Ffrench

  • Vera Saltzman

  • Joanne White

  • Julie Florio

  • TJ Watt

  • Edward Peck

  • Jeff Adams

  • Rachel Foster

  • Richard Miller & Geneviéve Thibault

  • Richard Robesco

  • Richelle Forsey (our cover artist)

We hope readers will find inspiration in this edition to reflect on and acknowledge that Turtle Island — although fraught with contentious political issues and decisions —

is a place we must all work together to heal. It is with gratitude and respect to the First

Peoples that came before us that we have the opportunity to live and work on their traditional lands.

IN PRINT NOW! ... our Spring/Summer 2024 edition focus' on the theme of LIGHT.

Check it out - HERE.

If you, or someone you know has work to SHARE with us - Our CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS is - HERE.

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