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Sherry Prenevost: In Black & White

SHERRY PRENEVOST • The Wonder Of Thought, Bagan, Myanmar
SHERRY PRENEVOST • "The Wonder Of Thought", Bagan, Myanmar

"I have been privileged to bear witness to many remote wondrous places on earth. Through the art of photography, I strive to capture and share these experiences to raise awareness about the interconnectedness of our world and the commonalities of our humanity.

I use my lens to bring forth the inspirational possibilities of a landscape, and the landscape of possibilities in the faces and places of others.

In Black and White brings together many of my experiences from faraway places. These moments challenged my realities, moved my heart and informed the footsteps I now take."

SHERRY PRENEVOST • "An Element Of Divine Discovery", Bagan, Myanmar. A young monk reads inside a Bagan temple in afternoon light.

SHERRY PRENEVOST • Nibinamik, First Nation Ontario  ᓂᐱᓇᒥᐠ ᐊ
SHERRY PRENEVOST • "Old Soul" • Nibinamik, First Nation Ontario ᓂᐱᓇᒥᐠ ᐊ



Join us in celebrating images of humanity, hope, and resilience from around the world by SHERRY PRENEVOST at the exhibition in Toronto.

1896 Danforth Ave

Toronto, ON

M4C 1J4

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 15th 6-9pm

Exhibition runs until April 30th, 2023

Gallery hours 11- 6pm daily


Camera for Girls provides females in under-developed countries with in person and virtual photography and skills-based training to help secure employment. Cameras for Girls was created to support marginalized females living in poverty. Participants can then support their families, communities and dreams.

In keeping with the community outreach of Areej Artist Centre; Artists to Artists Foundation and the work of artist Sherry Prenevost as an advisor to the Board of Directors for Cameras for Girls, an image by Annet Numusisi, a Camera for Girls student, will be featured at this exhibition in Toronto.


Sherry Prenevost's photography has been internationally exhibited and collected. Her work has been presented to the Queen, The Governor-General of Canada (David Johnson), David Suzuki, and many more.

An ardent supporter of social justice, human rights, and the environment, she is the former CEO of an international humanitarian /environmental charity, and now travels to positively influence advocacy, policy development and community empowerment at local, national and international levels.


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