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Still, less than a movie ticket...

If you've only just discovered photoED magazine in print - an extra special - welcome!

We're a small (but mighty!) independent print based publication exclusively showcasing CANADIAN photography - in high quality PRINT.

The quality of our printed publication is paramount in showcasing our photographers works.

We don't cheap out. But we've had to make some changes.

Since 2021, the cost to print our magazine has gone up over 100%.

We've done what we can to mitigate and absorb costs with more volunteers than ever!

but the situation seems to just get worse as all our hard costs have escalated.

We've taken some steps, not towards mass expansion, but towards focusing our efforts more intensely on people (like us) who truly value producing a legacy for diverse Canadian photography - in print.

We LOVE reading from paper without pop-ups and taking a break from our screen-based lives. We LOVE sharing past articles for inspiration, as opposed to trying to recall or find some random Instagram reel...

We've started a PATREON - Patronage option to do more fun stuff with our super-fans, AND allow a sort-of pay-as-you go subscription starting at $3./ month.

(and get named in PRINT!)

And, we raised our prices in 2022.

And we're doing it again...

PhotoED magazine was started in 2001 by a group of photography educators in Canada as a way to share CANADIAN photographers stories in an accessible format.

As we aim to stay true to that goal of accessibility, making accommodations any time we can, we simply can't continue to produce without this price hike to cover our hard production costs (printing/ postage).

(still, less than the cost of a movie ticket!)

From NOVEMBER 2022,

New issue single copies purchased via the website/ on newsstands will cost $12.99

Back issues from Fall 2022, will continue to cost $8.

From DECEMBER 2022

PRINT Subscriptions will rise from $22. / year (3 issues) to $35.

and from $42./ 2 years (6 issues) to $65.

DIGITAL ISSUU subscriptions will continue at $20. to access 4 issues.


Consider supporting us!

As the ONLY independent editorial photography publication on Canadian newsstands we'd love to continue producing great content for you to enjoy!


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