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Dive into the WATER issue

Water is a loaded theme for a photographer to explore.

The WATER issue of photoED magazine is in PRINT now!

The water issue by photoED magazine - by the pool

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
— Ryunosuke Satoro

Images of water can trigger highly emotive responses that run the gamut from easy, warm summer memories at the local pool to activist movements fighting toxic waste dumping and our terrible treatment of marine life. There’s no question that water is essential to life.

THE WATER ISSUE presents a number of Canadian photographers that make it their life’s work to spell out ways that we as a society continue to self-harm by how we treat this crucial element.

Amy Romer Last Salmon Run in print

Amy Romer’s documentary investigations into salmon in British Columbia and commercial photographer Benjamin Von Wong’s incredible international constructions both present us with eye-opening facts and figures on industrial activity. These incredible Canadian photographers both clearly demonstrate a need for change.

 Benjamin Von Wong interview photoED magazine

We also look to water for mental health and healing, as Ruth Kaplan’s Bathers work presents. We look to water as creative fuel, as seen in Osheen Harruthoonyan’s work. We look to water to anchor our community, as the Scarborough Made crew shares.

We look to water to both sustain and inspire us all.

This special edition also features, our Books + Resource recommendations or further water photography explorations, and our PORTFOLIO featured artists:

  • Tobi Asmoucha, Gustavo Jabbaz, Richard Miller, Steve Simon, Amy Friend, Carol How, Carey Shaw, Shelley Wildeman, Catherine Page, and Lori Ryerson.

We hope all of our readers find fresh inspiration to dive into new water-based directions from this edition.

Coming soon... our Winter 2023 edition will focus on the theme of LAND, another equally contentious and inspiring theme for Canadian photographers to sink their feet into.

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