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  • Christ Ratzlaff


Make Ice bubbles!

At -25˚C/-13˚F, when it gets this cold, I can often be found outside my house, bubble blower in one hand and camera in the other (I think my neighbours have gotten used to this sort of behaviour by now). Soap bubble mixtures freeze faster than they pop, making for some fascinating effects. However, frozen bubbles are still very fragile creatures, so I’ve experimented to create a more durable bubble soap recipe that won’t pop in the slightest breeze. I let the mixture chill in the freezer to help speed up the freezing once outside, and use a straw to blow bubbles with, rather than a store-bought dipstick, for more control.

Frozen Bubble Recipe 200 ml warm water 35 ml corn syrup 35 ml dish soap 2 tbsp sugar TIP:

If you blow the bubble onto a smooth surface (such as ice) it will be less likely to pop before it can freeze.

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