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  • By Mehreen Shahid

Benjamin Von Wong: Inspiration and teamwork

Benjamin Von Wong

The easiest ways to gain inspiration are to do what you love, work with people who are passionate about what you do, and make good art. That is the simple formula that photographer Benjamin Von Wong follows as he pushes his ideas to new levels every day.

Benjamin Von Wong discovered joy in photography when the woes of a personal relationship and its subsequent break up led him to quit his job as a mining engineer in Nevada and photograph beautiful night skies instead. A self-taught photographer, Von Wong takes anywhere from days to months to prepare his shoots. His team of collaborators are directed by Von Wong’s enthusiasm and imagination. He believes that the best team consists of people who share his ardour for projects.

In 2012, a dream came true for Von Wong when Underwater Realm, a collective of underwater filmmakers responded to his request to collaborate. Even though he was still working as a miner at the time, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. He met with the team in Europe to draft the shoot. The idea was to present the viewer with a behind-the-scenes sneak peek into the workings of a film shoot. On a tight schedule, Von Wong and the team organized complex makeup, models, costumes, and highend underwater shooting equipment. Painstakingly put together, the shoot finally came together, stamped with Von Wong’s unique creativity.