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Darkroom Tunes Playlist: Music for an analogue darkness

A playlist by Oliver Flecknell to complement 'The WatcherS'

Darkroom – Tunes for an analogue darkness – A playlist to print photographs to

"Working in the darkroom, usually alone, and typically late at night, is a much more immersive experience with music. I built this playlist to help me to get into the flow of creation. It’s a glimpse into my mind and state of being while existing in that creative moment that we all strive to achieve.

This mix is nearly 5 hours of energetic beats, darkness, weirdness, and motivation. Yes, it’s long and it’s growing, but you don’t want to have to pull out your phone while in the middle of a print session to figure out how to keep the vibe alive.

I started with “The 1975” by The 1975 to set the mood. This playlist is equally at home while slogging through grant applications, grinding at that day job, or trying to get your steps in, just press play and turn on those safe lights."

Find it here - or on SPOTIFY!

The Watchers

“Change is in the air; you can smell it from behind your mask.

Children are pushing politics, the government is selling weed, winter is getting warmer while summer’s heat is killing the elderly. The eternal flame now burns in the Amazon, California, and British Columbia. Lethal flooding is common around the world. But climate change is fake news.

Change is coming but the super-rich resist, rebelling against the science, profiting on the laziness of humans, putting their faith in the dollars they’ve stashed on the islands. Like pirates, they stash their stolen bounty, while their workers visit food banks.

The children skip school on Fridays, you won’t find them at the mall though. They’re in the streets. They’re at the legislatures. They’re trying to teach science to the clueless politicians who only listen to the super-rich pirates that need bailout money in a “crisis.” Little do they know, not even the super-rich will survive the end of the human era.

These scientists, these activists/rebels/protesters/watchers, are the only true visionaries of our future. Their intentions are pure. Their future is unwritten.”

IG: @oliverflecknell

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