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Martha Davis creates 'Dream Scenes' for Seniors

Martha Davis' project, ‘Dream Scenes!’ creates opportunities for senior citizens to do anything and go anywhere, through the magic of green screen photography.

Martha reflects, “It’s great to watch the seniors cluster around the digital screen to view the photos, talking and laughing about what they’ve always wanted to do. My work creates a sense of community in the seniors’ home. I’ve now held 13 sessions at Christie Gardens and photographed more than 100 residents over the past year. This project has evolved from simple scenes that include the seniors, into active and complex images that tell a story directed by participants.”

We featured Martha's project in our Spring / Summer 2018 issue, Manipulated Images, we thought we'd share a few more here- enjoy!

“It’s so much fun going on the green screen. You can be as crazy as you want and go anywhere at all. I wanted to fly to heaven. I’m 95 and I’ve got nowhere to go but up!” -Trudy.

In Marilyn’s 'Dream Scene', based on a dream, the steering wheel comes off her boat and she gets stuck on a rock at the edge of the falls.

Margaret loves horses. When asked what would be her 'Dream Scene', she blurted out, “I’d like to ride a bucking bronco!” Wow! 92 years young! We added a dog running alongside to give it energy, and the dude watching adds a touch of humour.