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3 Canadian Movies Starring: The Landscape

When the weather outside is frightful… fire up the movie watching technology. In searching for movie picks to recommend to you dear readers, we came across the work of director Charles Wilkinson. We found a source that streams his amazing films online, for FREE, across Canada. So you can enjoy fine Canadian film making, without leaving your front door.

Oil Sands Karaoke

Fort McMurray is at the centre of a new gold rush. Thousands of men and women have been drawn to the northern boomtown with the promise of high-paying jobs in one of the most controversial industries in the world - the oil sands. They work hard for the money: under arduous physical conditions, for long hours and extended periods, knowing that a lot of people object strenuously to what they do for a living. But when they need to let loose, there’s always karaoke.

Vancouver: No Fixed Address

From Toronto to Sydney and from San Francisco to London, the cost of housing in cities around the world is skyrocketing. Vancouver: No Fixed Address takes an uncompromising look at the drama unfolding in one such city, where multi-ethnic citizens fight to preserve homes as living spaces instead of global financial commodities. It is a story about the very idea of home, what promotes or destroys one’s sense of belonging, and struggling to cope with the strange and often threatening economic and social forces at the start of the 21st century.

Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World

The story of Haida Gwaii is one of a place and a people who have experienced the ravages of unsustainable exploitation. They’ve fought back, reclaimed control of their lands, and have begun the process of rebuilding both their natural world and a sustainable modern community; a community free from corporate control, one where whole food is accessible to everyone, a community with no shopping malls.

But wouldn’t you know it - all of that is now under the threat of daily fossil-fuel laden super-tanker traffic wanting to pass through their treacherous waters.

The film features insights from former Haida Nation president Guujaaw, activist Severn Suzuki, Haida carver Jaalen Edenshaw, International Rediscovery founder Thom ‘Huck’ Henley, Haida Chief Allan Wilson, ex-loggers, business and cultural leaders, troublemakers, biologists, curmudgeons, scientists, and alternative energy experts.

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