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FB/ twitter & INSTAGRAM for how YOU can participate!


Submissions for this creative showcase are welcome from ANYONE across Canada.

Share your photo in a direct message via Instagram to @photoedmagazine


OR via e-mail:


Please indicate “PhotoEd Instagram” in your subject line or tag #photoedcollab.



1. One photo attached (.jpeg)

2. Your full name & Instagram handle (if you have one)

3. A short sentence explaining why you think this photo fits with the quote

4. Tell us what city/province you live in.

5. Any links you’d like shared with your image (website, facebook, etc.)


Only one submission per day, please!

We’ll be posting only the BEST submissions. You will be notified if your photo is selected.

The fine print....

*Submitting images to PhotoED Magazine does not transfer any rights of image ownership. We do not ask for exclusivity and the photographer is free to submit the image anywhere else. PhotoEd Magazine takes no responsibility for any loss or damages or illegal activities by third parties as the result of participation in this project. By submitting to this project, the photographer acknowledges that he/she has full rights to the images and has obtained proper releases where warranted. This project is a completely voluntary creative endeavour with unfortunately no financial compensation for any of the participants. We’re doing this for fun and connecting with other Canadian creatives - not money (so we can be as creative and interesting as we want!). If you’re concerned about Instagram fine print, a child-friendly version can be found HERE.

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