SPRING/ SUMMER 2019: Amazing Analog #55
  • SPRING/ SUMMER 2019: Amazing Analog #55


    This issue is SOLD OUT in PRINT but a DIGITAL version is available, on the ISSUU platform, HERE.


    The AMAZING ANALOG issue features:


    Resources WE LOVE

    5 things to look for in a used camera

    Stephen Brookbank’s - The making of a place

    Burke Paterson’s - Objects + Ritual Photograms

    A.T. Kingsmith’s Berlin: A fractal city

    How-To: Double exposures -Twice as nice!

    Sara Fleiszig: SOAKED in bodily fluids

    Sally Ayre: Cyanotypes

    Kali Spitzer: A Portrait of Resilience

    SEITIES: A platform for analog photography


    & READERS GALLERY Submissions by our readers


    Cover Tintype by Kali Spitzer

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