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FALL 2017: Canadian Collaborations #50

FALL 2017: Canadian Collaborations #50


Canadian Collaborations - Features:

  • FIVE Canadian PHOTO BOOKS to invest in — NOW

  • The women of TEA & BANNOCK

  • LM CHABOT “One does not go without the other”

  • TWO Photo Collectives: Toronto V. FREDERICTON

  • HOW-TO: Build confidence photographing people

  • Nadya Kwandibens’ Concrete Indians

  • Tam + Kyt: Student photo duo


Cover image by LM Chabot


* We're not fancy - this digital download is a PDF we're sharing for the people that weren't able to get their mitts on the print version. It's SO much better in print... but for the digitally inclined - this one's for you!

  • HEY

    We work REALLY hard on creating this kick-ass Canadian content, so if you're thinking you'll share this file with your cheap pals who want free stuff, just know that you'll be ripping off hard working artists and volunteers.

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