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When music kisses art


By Martine Marie-Anne Chartrand

It’s amazing what music can do! Like visual art it can change your mood in an instant. Both are very therapeutic. Creating a playlist is not such an easy task when you are a person that is like a mood ring.

For instance, when I am writing course outlines and teaching collage classes to kids, I really enjoy playing instrumental music like Messer Chups, soundtrack to Hilda and Harmonium. It’s chill and laid back .

When I am more invested in my storytelling through image making or my process exploration, I prefer music that reflects me being immersed in my art where I feel that there is no fine line between the two atmosphere’s of art and music.

I like feeling teleported in my art by the music I listen to while creating. I appreciate stories in music, like Pink Floyd and mes aieux. Great storytellers.

I like discovering and exploring new photo processes and the same goes for music. I am really enjoying an instagram discovery of Beach Head Yeg @beachheadyeg. This music is chill and connected at the same time. I would very much like to do a collaboration of photos and music with this musician. Hint, hint!

In the end I am very eclectic, just like a mood ring and I like more haunting sounds like Anna Von Hausswolff and I occasionally like the soundtrack of ambient life…



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