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The 2022 Photography lovers holiday gift guide!

Our recommendations for the perfect gift

All under $100. + ALL #ShopLocal

we LOVE...

The Haddon Hall - Naomi Harris

In 1999, photographer NAOMI HARRIS moved into a South Miami Beach Art Deco hotel to document a unique community. Armed with a 35mm camera and slide film, she became a surrogate granddaughter to the residents.

After years of work, surviving the depression, war, and concentration camps, many Jewish senior citizens made the pilgrimage south. A depressed economy and cheap rent (at that time) made it an ideal choice for a retiree on a fixed income.

"I photographed my surrogate bubbehs and zaidehs lounging by the pool, doing exercises and kibitzing on the veranda.
I joined them for bingo, took them grocery shopping and to the beauty parlors; these people were my friends.”


The Washington Post says:

"Harris’s evocative images bring us into this circle of people who’ve found and sought solace in each other in a unique place and time."
"'Haddon Hall' is like a family album, wrought with vim, vigor and a healthy dose of empathy. It’s a beautifully engaging testimony to a bygone era."

Published by Void

Limited Edition of 1250

Hardcover, silkscreened with open spine

104 pages, 200 x 270 mm


Order your copy from our friends at ROONEYS - HERE.


Light Wounds - Eva H.D. & Kendall Townend

This meditative collection of "photo-haiku hybrids", with poems by Eva H.D. and photographs by Kendall Townend, is a unique gift idea for the fellow artist in your life.

As Don Snyder describes in Photomonitor:

"This is a multilayered and rewarding book, and highly recommended—especially for those who share a curiosity about the endless differences between what an image shows, and it might express."

80+ pages


Get it from the Light Wounds website, HERE.


Stay Solid Or Move West - Chris Donovan

As featured in our DOCUMENTARY ISSUE, we love a Chris Donovan story!

In Stay Solid Or Move West, Chris explores identity, love, memory, and the Maritime tradition of "going west."

The book features photographs taken mostly on disposable cameras over the course of four years, alongside archival images sourced from family albums. Donovan's first book is a diaristic account of his displaced coming-of-age, and the intergenerational trauma and feeling of inevitability of westward migration experienced by so many Maritimers.

For many, “west” refers to the perceived economic prosperity of Alberta’s oil fields. For Donovan, it was the promise of endless opportunity that drew him from the Atlantic to Toronto.

6.5″ x 8.5″ (vertical), 144 pages

Binding: Swiss Brochure, open spine with cover attached on back.

Edition Size: 500


Get it online from ROONEYS - and SHOP LOCAL Hamilton!


About Time - Jin-me Yoon

About Time presents Vancouver artist Jin-me Yoon’s significant artworks of the last decade. Frequently combining photography, video and installation, Yoon’s work is distinguished by a poetic, cinematic aesthetic—one that is deeply contemplative and undergirded by an examination of our position in the world as it is reflected in and shaped by ideas of history and memory, land and ocean.

Published by Hirmer Publishers and Vancouver Art Gallery | 2022

Hardback, 208 pages

7'' x 9.75'', 100 colour illustrations

$65.00 + shipping

Get it from the Vancouver Art Gallery store - HERE.


Affordable and current, these gorgeous publications will remind the receiver that

you are awesome whenever they open their snail mail and find a fresh copy.

Here are a few of our independently published faves...


Saskatoon situated, BlackFlash Magazine presents critical opinions, and innovative ideas about divergent artistic practices from across Canada, and beyond. Each issue includes profiles, interviews, reviews, feature articles, and artist projects from a diverse selection of artists, writers, and curators.

BlackFlash produces three printed editions/ year. ($22.)

Subscribe HERE.



STRATUS is a indie journal featuring film photography, based in Treaty 6 territory, in Edmonton. Their most recent mini-issue, "Life in Green" turns its lens toward the environment, and is all about appreciating green.


Check out STRATUS Journal's website, HERE.

A Custom Curated Boxset surprise!

The Toronto-based Issues Magazine Shop carries hard-to-find, independently-published magazines from around the world. Let them curate a surprise boxset of magazines, choosing your price-point, from $25 (1 magazine) to $300 (6-10 magazines).

First, choose your budget, and then tell them about your gift recipient:

  • Who are you buying for?

  • What topics do they love?

  • Are there specific titles you'd like to include?

  • Do you want to send a gift message? If so, what should it say?

Subject to available inventory; shipping is included.

Check it out HERE.


Add COFFEE to your magazine moment!

REALLY nice fresh roasted coffee can spark a little extra warmth into your giftee's custom-built magazine moment.

We love Sparkplug coffee because it's delicious, roasted fresh locally, and run by a cool female-led team. ADD-ON on a 300g bag of coffee to your PhotoED deliveries!

Enjoy a 3 issue (1 year) PhotoED Subscription + 3 Bags (350g) of Coffee

(A single bag is delivered with each edition)


  • Price includes delivery (x3) anywhere in Canada.

  • Custom ground or whole bean options available.

  • The coffee selection will change with each season.

*Sorry, the RYAN VAN DER HOUT limited edition print is OUT OF STOCK.



Cool stufF

A statement piece!