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  • Bart Gazzola

The Discarded / Dis Carted Playlist: A subjective soundtrack

A playlist by artist Bart Gazzola to complement DISCARDED, his ongoing documentation of abandoned shopping carts.

As seen in our TYPOLOGY edition.

Find it here - or on SPOTIFY!

Desolation Row

by Bob Dylan

This one might seem obvious, but it’s more so because of lines like ‘at midnight, all the agents

and the superhuman crew come out and round up everyone who knows more than they do.’

Many of my shots happen at night, when I’m walking, and the city is quiet and mysterious.


by Ani DiFranco

This one is specific to one cart I shot, one of the first toppled ones, where I began to see this

series as something more than what I’d thought it might be, and for the line of ‘as bad as I am, I am proud of the fact that I am worse than I seem’.....

One Great City!
Left and Leaving

by the Weakerthans

If you’re familiar with my cart images - and how the only rule that I still hold to, with this project, is that they be abandoned, not staged - and the lyrics of these songs from this fine band that can make despair aesthetically seductive, no further explanation is needed. But if that’s not the case : ‘My city's still breathing, but barely, it's true, through buildings gone missing like teeth’ ran through my mind upon seeing St. Catharines again after nearly two decades, where I ‘watch the North End die and sing, “I love this town”’.....

Trucker Speed

by Fred Eaglesmith

“....sometimes I feel like my wheels ain't touchin' the ground…” Maybe my carts are self

portraits, or maybe I’m obfuscating, ahem. Can’t trust an art critic talking about their own art

work. It is known.

I Gotta Get Drunk