This issue featuring Canadians Abroad contains:

  • Photo books WE LOVE
  • Marie Louise Moutafchieva - Renaissance light & culinary delights by Nicola Irvin
  • Travel Tips. Travel advice you may not expect...
  • Thomas Brasch: Out of the Darkness
  • Nathalie Doust: Korean Dreams, by Samatha Small
  • Anton Mwewa: Curious + Candid by Joshua Cameron
  • Meaghan Ogilvie’s Underwater Worlds by Briar Chaput
  • Samra Habib: ‘JUST ME AND ALLAH’ by Joshua Cameron
  • Jo-Anne McArthur: Animal Advocate by Rita Godlevskis
  • Intac - A Global Collaboration of Universites by Peter Sramek
  • Samuel Bolduc: From Matane, QC to London, UK
  • READERS GALLERY - Submissions by our readers


Cover by Anton Mwewa

FALL 2018: Canadians Abroad #53

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